Daniel Robins 2018

University of York

Disposing of ‘necro-waste’

This talk will draw on the conceptual framework underpinning my thesis, which analogises corpse materials as waste, otherwise known as ‘necro-waste’ (Olson, 2016). The thesis specifically asks ‘what is the value of “necro-waste”?’ In other words, it aims to understand how corpse materials can be recycled as the UK Death Industry develops alongside wider environmental social change. By taking a waste-orientated approach to corpse materials, the talk sets out to achieve two things. First, it will provide a comparative analysis of cremation and natural burial, exploring the challenges that the necro-waste presents to the operation of each method. Second, it will challenge what it means to dispose of the dead by using the concept of ‘necro-waste’ to interrogate the wider concept of disposal; adding to its understanding as a process of meaning management, rather than a process of meaning deletion (Munro, 2001). It is thought that this could aid the development of Death Industry protocols and wider UK policies involving the management of the dead.


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