Associação Brasileira de Estudos Cemiteriais

The Brazilian Association of Cemetery Studies (ABEC) is a non-profit entity and is headquartered at the Mathias Haas Funerary Memorial, in Blumenau (SC). ABEC was founded on the occasion of the 1st Meeting of Brazilian Cemeteries, held at the University of São Paulo (USP), organized by researcher Maria Elizia Borges, geographer Eduardo Coelho Morgado Rezende and historian Harry Rodrigues Bellomo. Currently, the entity brings together researchers whose research covers cemeteries and the most diverse manifestations about death and dying in Brazil and promotes biannual meetings, having held events in São Paulo/SP (2004), Porto Alegre/RS (2006), Goiânia/ GO (2008), Piracicaba/SP (2010), Salvador/BA (2011), Belo Horizonte (2013), Rio de Janeiro (2015), Florianópolis (2017) and Porto Alegre 2019). The next event will take place in November 2023, in the city of Natal, at Instituto Humanitas, at the headquarters of CCHLA – Campus Central, Universidade Federal Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). ABEC has a statute and a code of ethics and is part of the Red Iberoamericana de Valoración y Gestión de Cementerios Patrimoniales, which brings together Latin American associations dedicated to the theme of heritage preservation of cemeteries. The website includes an interactive cemeteries map.


The Cemetery Research Group runs two events a year: in May and in November. Follow the links and send in an abstract