Museum für Sepulkralkultur (Kessel, Germany)

The Museum für Sepulkralkultur is dedicated to the issues of dying, death, burial, mourning and remembrance. Through education, consultation and outreach in exhibitions, conferences, lectures, seminars and events, it is possible to initiate discourses that on the one hand vividly accompany the transformation of the sepulchral culture and on the other hand offer the opportunity for a conscious examination of death: this not only evokes the chance of manifold self-reflection, but also contributes significantly to the recognition of the special value, uniqueness and dignity of our human existence. The website offers unparalleled access to material on German funerary heritage including a virtual tour of the Museum, information on the journal Friedhof und Denkmal which has been in production since 1956, and updates on the work of the Zentralinstitut für Sepulkralkultur, established in 1979. The Museum’s Working Group organises the annual Transmortal conference.


The Cemetery Research Group runs two events a year: in May and in November. Follow the links and send in an abstract