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Julie-Marie Strange’s work draws heavily on North West burial board records to understand working-class attitudes towards death in the 19th century:

Strange, J-M. (2005) Death, Grief and Poverty in Britain, 1870-1914, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Strange, J-M. (2003) ‘Only a pauper whom nobody owns: reassessing the pauper grave, c. 1880-1914’, Past and Present, 178, 148-175.

Strange, J-M. (2003) ‘“Tho’ lost to sight, to memory dear”: pragmatism, sentimentality and working-class attitudes towards the grave, c. 1875-1914’, Mortality, 8:2, 144-159.


Calderstones and Brockholes Hospital Cemeteries (1915)

Burial sites associated with institutions often have a complex history, reflecting uncertain ownership. The website of the Friends of the Calderstone and Brockholes Hospital Cemeteries traces site evolution and more recent battles to secure planning protection.

St Helens

St Helens Cemetery (1858)

The website of the Friends of St Helens Cemetery includes information on architecture and design.

British History

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