Transfunéraire/ Transfunerario

The research programme ‘Transfunéraire/Transfunerario  – Mass violence and funerary practices: comparative approaches to collective reburial rituals in Europe and Latin America, 20th-21st centuries’ was funded by ANR and rand from 2020 to 2022.

The programme was led by two teams of social anthropologists working in Europe under the direction of Élisabeth Anstett and in Latin America under the direction of Valérie Robin Azevedo. The research carried out comparative analysis of funeral practices taking place in Europe and Latin America, in contexts marked by extreme violence and mass death.

Example academic outputs from the project:

Anstett, É. (2022) ‘Never-ending funerals. Annual burials and reburials of victims of mass violence in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina’, Death Studies, DOI.

Carol, A. (2022) ‘Mass death and funerary transitions: the Meudon Railway Disaster (France, 1842)’, Death Studies, DOI.