Anna Fairley Nielsson

University of Liverpool, UK

My primary research relates to the development and management of Liverpool’s nineteenth-century cemeteries. This includes how aspects of identity and consumer choice affected the design of the memorials within them. I’m also interested in urban burial management prior to the opening of the cemeteries, including crypt and vault burials. Further work relates to community engagement with these urban burial spaces, as well as investigations into sources of memorials of the same period, and the related national and international trade routes.

Fairley Nielsson, A. (2023) ‘A website for St James’ Cemetery, Liverpool: demonstrating the value of material culture in the dissemination of cemetery data online’ in H. Mytum, & R. Veit (eds.) Innovation and Implementation: Critical Reflections on New Approaches to Historic Mortuary Data Collection, Analysis and Dissemination, New York: Berghahn, 237-254.

Mytum H., Philpott R., Fairley Nielsson, A., Burwood, E., &  Dark, N. (2022) ‘Collaborating with the community: applying non-invasive archaeological methods in the crypt and churchyard of St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Toxteth, Liverpool’, Heritage 5: 4, 3298-3315.

Mytum, H., Philpott, R., Fairley Nielsson, A., Hitchens, S., George, N., & Poole, J. (2024) ‘Roman Catholic burial in 19th-century Liverpool: four vaults in the crypt of St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Toxteth, Liverpool’, Post-Medieval Archaeology, 58: 1, 79-99.

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