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Dr Brice Molo

GSPR, Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris

Brice Molo holds a Ph.D. from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences of Paris france (EHESS) and the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon. He is a member of the executive committee of the French Association of Sociology, the editorial board of the journal Socio-Logos, and the coordination team of the monthly seminar of the Society of Africanists (Quai Branly Museum). Brice Molo has been a Teaching Assistant in Introduction to African History at Sciences Po Paris and a lecturer at the University of Paris Cité, Sorbonne Paris North, and the Catholic Institute of Paris. His research focuses on the socio-history of the environment, risks, disasters, and collective deaths in Cameroon. His work has been published in various academic journals and presses. For more information, you can find him on LinkedIn

Molo, B. (2019), ‘A geohistory of rumorogenic catastrophes in Cameroon: Limnic eruptions of Njindoun and Nyos, 1984-1986’, Géocarrefour,  93:1, DOI.

Molo, B. & Meybeck, M. (2024) ‘Faire face à l’inconnu. Des hommes face aux dégazages des lacs tueurs : la naissance d’un risque’, in V. Alary, S. Rouquette & B. Van Wuk de Vries (eds) Percevoir, Représenter, Communiquer les Risque Naturels, Clermont, Presses universitaires Blaise Pascal, 149-182.

Molo, B. (2024, forthcoming) ‘The Eséka disaster as an act of collective witchcraft: a socio-historical perspective of anger’ Africa, 94:3.

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