Dr Chris Coutts

Florida State University, US

Dr Coutts is a Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University (FSU). He is also a faculty member of the Master of Public Health program and a Research Affiliate with the Center for Demography and Population Health at FSU. Dr Coutts’s research examines the influence of ecologically-sensitive land use practices on community health and health behaviour. The thrust of his ecological planning research explores how the natural environment and sustainable deathcare practices support the ecosystem services essential to human health and well-being.

Coutts, C., Basmajian, C., Sehee, J., Kelty, S. & Williams, P.C. (2018) ‘Natural burial as a land conservation tool in the US’, Landscape and Urban Planning, 178, 130-143.

Coutts, C., Basmajian, C., Salkin, P., & Merriam, D. (April 2013) Planning for the Deceased, American Planning Association Planning Advisory Service (PAS) report #572.

Coutts, C., Basmajian, C., & Chapin, T. (2011) ‘Projecting landscapes of death’, Landscape and Urban Planning, 102:4, 254-261.


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