Dr Georgio Scalaci

University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

For years I worked with the Wana people of Morowali, Indonesia, exploring and documenting their shamanic and funeral rituals. Now I am currently working on religious freedom, minorities and funerals in Italy. I am also interested in death/grief and videogames and comic books.

Scalici, G. (2024) Pain, Play and Music: Death and Healing Rites among the Wana, London: Bloomsbury.

Scalici, G. (2023) ‘Smiling pain: coping with illness and death through humour’ in S. E. Gregg (ed.) Religion and Senses of Humour, Sheffield: Equinox Publishing.

Scalici, G. (2017) ‘Eating together to grieve together: the funeral meal of Wana people of Morowali’, FEAST Journal, Issue 3: The Meal.

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