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Dr Helen Frisby

University of Bath, UK

My research interests centre on popular funerary customs past and present, and I’m interested in both the tangible and intangible aspects of cemeteries and what happens in and around them. I’m a CDAS Visiting Research Fellow, and Participation Officer and a Trustee of the Folklore Society. I am Researcher Development Manager at UWE Bristol, with particular responsibility for PGR skills development and interests in research culture, academic writing and PGR wellbeing.

Brown, D., Frisby, H. and Prior, S. (2024) ‘Grave communications: how an understanding of gravedigging practices informs post-medieval cemetery excavations and interpretations’, Post-Medieval Archaeology.

Frisby, H. (2015) ‘Them owls know: portending death in nineteenth- and early twentieth century England’, Folklore 126:2, 196-214

Frisby, H. (2019) ‘Victorian funeral food customs’, Victorian Review, 45:2, 221-226.

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