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Dr Helena Nordh

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Helena Nordh has a background in landscape architecture and has an interest in researching people environment interactions with a focus on urban green spaces. Over the past ten years she has completed several research projects on cemeteries, and is particularly interested in questions about use and experiences of cemeteries and the cemetery as a multifunctional space in the urban context.


Nordh, H. & Wingren, C. (2023) ‘”It is the greenness, the nature, it looks as if someone has taken care of the place very well’: Experiences from St Eskil cemetery in Sweden’, Approaching Religion, 13:1, 105-122.

Nordh, H., C. Wingren, T.P. Uteng, and M. Knapskog. (2023). ‘Disrespectful or socially acceptable? – A nordic case study of cemeteries as recreational landscapes’, Landscape and Urban Planning, 231, 104645.

Grabalov, P. & Nordh, H. (2020) ‘The future of urban cemeteries as public spaces: insights from Oslo and Copenhagen’, Planning Theory & Practice, 23:1, 81-98.

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