Dr Julie Rugg

School for Business and Society, University of York

Julie Rugg is a Reader in Social Policy at the University of York’s School for Business and Society. Her initial interest in cemeteries arose as a consequence of doctoral research, submitted in 1992, on Victorian cemetery companies in the UK. She has since published extensively on cemetery history in Britain. Dr Rugg’s interest in disposing the dead crosses disciplines and borders, and as Director of the Cemetery Research Group she works to foster engagement between scholars in this area of study.

Rugg, J. (2013) Churchyard and Cemetery: Tradition and Modernity in Rural North Yorkshire, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Rugg, J. (2021) ‘Funerary heritage tourism: definitions and principles’, Revista Murciana de Antropología 28: 31-58.

Rugg, J. (2020) ‘Social justice and cemetery systems’, Death Studies, 46:4, 861-874.

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