Picture of Julie Rugg: older woman wearing a cardigan

Dr Julie Rugg

University of York, UK

I am interested in how communities responded to the need for change in funeral practices as urban settlements expanded exponentially during the 19th and 20th centuries. The cemetery is introduced as a distinctive mode of disposing the dead, and constituted a site of emotional, religious and political governance. More recent research has explored the ways in which funerary practice can be examined through the lends of social justice. Much of this work is based in the UK, but also draws on international trends.

Rugg, J. (2013) Churchyard and Cemetery: Tradition and Modernity in Rural North Yorkshire, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Rugg, J. (2020) ‘Social justice and cemetery systems’, Death Studies, 46:4, 861-874.

Rugg, J. (2022) ‘Further remarks on modern sepulture: Twenty years of cemetery studies and eight core questions defining cemetery research’, Eastern and Northern European Journal of Death Studies, 16-46.

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