Dr Louise Loe

Oxford Archaeology/University of Oxford

Holding a BA in Archaeology and a PhD in Biological Anthropology from the University of Bristol, Louise has over 20 years’ experience in the excavation and analysis of human remains from archaeological sites. As Head of Burials, Louise leads and manages a team dedicated to all aspects of burial archaeology, providing expert guidance, advice, consultancy and quality assurance on burial-related projects.

Louise directed the excavation and analysis of WWI mass graves in Fromelles, France, and subsequently served on the Joint Australian and British Government identification board. She has contributed numerous osteology reports on assemblages both large and small and dating from prehistory to early modern, to publications, and has published on peri-mortem trauma.

Louise is a member of the Institute for Archaeologists (MIfA) and the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology (BABAO). She is also a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (FSA), a Research Associate at the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford, and Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading.

Cox, M. Jones, P. & Loe, L. (2022) Fromelles, Naming the Dead. The Scientists’ Story, Newport NSW: Big Sky Publishing.

Loe, L., Webb, H., Simmons, A. & Poore, D. (2021) The Patients’ Story: Dr Radcliffe’s Legacy in the Age of Hospitals – Excavations at the 18th-19th century Radcliffe Infirmary Burial Ground, Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Loe, L. & Clough, S. (2020) ‘Ethical considerations in the excavation of burials in England: a perspective from developer led archaeology’ in K. E. Squires, D. Errickson & N. Márquez-Grant (eds) The Ethical Challenges of Working with Human Remains, Springer, 157-177.

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