Dr Mariske Westendorp

Utrecht University, Netherlands

As an anthropologist and religious studies scholar, I am mostly interested in how diverse people experience dying, death, and spaces of disposal. In a previous research project, I focused on cemeteries as diverse spaces of inclusion and exclusion. My fieldwork took place in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In future research, I wish to expand my knowledge on dying, death and places of disposal, amongst others by incorporating a multispecies perspective. Further information is available on my website.

House, D., Westendorp, M. & Maddrell, A. (eds) (2023) New Perspectives on Urban Deathscapes: Continuity, Change and Contestation, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Westendorp M. and Gould H. (2021) ‘Re-feminizing death: gender, spirituality and death care in the Anthropocene’, Religions,12: 8, 667.

Maddrell, A, Kmec, S., Uteng, T.P. & Westendorp, M. (eds) Mobilities in Life and Death: Negotiating Room for Migrants and Minorities in European Cemeteries, Springer.

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