Finnish cemetery from the air

Dr Oleg Reut

University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland

Oleg Reut is a Project Researcher at the Karelian Institute of the University of Eastern Finland participating in the joint research project on Transnational Death: Practices of Death and Remembrance in the Transnational Everyday on the Finnish-Russian Border (TraDeBo), supported by the Academy of Finland. His academic interests include memory politics, death studies, collective memory, and transnationalism.


Davydova-Minguet, O., P. Pöllänen, I. Björn, T. Oivo, and O. Reut. (2022) ‘Graveyards as Transnational Spaces / Hautausmaat Ylirajaisuuden Tiloina’, Idäntutkimus, 29:3, 21-38.

Reut O. & Teterevleva T. (2020) ‘Petrozavodsk as a City of Military Glory: Construction of Borders in the Urban Space’, Labyrinth, 1, 47-56.

Reut O. & Teterevleva T. (2017) ‘ “Mannergate”, Memory politics in internet, and public language’, Istoriya, 8:7, 61.

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