Dr Olga Nešporová

Institute of Ethnology, CAS, and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

My main research interest focuses on funeral rites and attitudes toward death. I am a head of the Department of Critical Heritage Studies at the Institute of Ethnology . My research concentrates on studies of funeral practices in contemporary Czech society, as well as in the 20th century. I have conducted research with believers of different religious groups, ordinary people without religious affiliation, as well as with funeral professionals. Currently I am studying the history of forest cemeteries in the Czech Lands and new funerary trends, such as direct cremation, secular funeral ceremonies and natural burial.

Nešporová, O and Tóth, H. (2023) ‘Communist funeral reform in Central Europe (1948–1989): From religious to civil funerals in Czechoslovakia and Hungary’, OMEGA—Journal of Death and Dying, 87: 2, 344–362.

Nešporová, O. (2023) ‘A century of funeral change in burial practices: from church burial to cremation without a ceremony’, Czech Ethnological Journal/Český Lid, 110: 2, 127-156.

Nešporová, O. (2021) Funerary Practices in the Czech Republic, Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited.

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