Krystian Puzdrakiewicz

Regional Development Division, University of Gdańsk, Poland

I am a graduate of spatial management and a research assistant at the University of Gdańsk. My research interests concentrate on cemeteries and former cemetery areas in the context of their management (including planning, establishment, maintenance and decommissioning) and use by the local community. Moreover, I study how these processes and activities are perceived by society and policymakers. In my dissertation, I focus on cemeteries in large Polish cities. During my travels, I always try to visit local cemeteries and take some photos of them, learning about the diversity of burial practices and forms of memorialization of the deceased.


Puzdrakiewicz K. (2023) ‘To what extent are cities prepared for their residents’ deaths? An example of cemetery management in large Polish cities’, Land Use Policy, 129, 106646.

Puzdrakiewicz K. (2020) ‘Cemeteries as (un)wanted heritage of previous communities. An example of changes in the management of cemeteries and their social perception in Gdansk, Poland’, Landscape Online, 86.


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