Ms Nuria Capdevila

Circle Corporation, Spain

Nuria Capdevila Roig is the founder and CEO of Circle Corporation, a pioneering company in sustainable solutions, training, and reporting for the funeral sector. Her goal is to help funeral companies adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices, offering solutions for implementing Social Responsibility Plans and incorporating sustainability into their Strategic Plans. Her research interests lie at the intersection of circular economy, sustainability, and regeneration within the funeral sector. With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainable development, she focuses on strategies that drive the funeral sector towards more ecological practices. In 2024, she created a cemetery dossier for AFCM, highlighting best sustainability practices in the sector, aligned with European regulations and the 2030 Agenda. Additionally, she writes biannually for FIAT-IFTA’s THANOS magazine in the sustainability section. Nuria has presented at various international events: Green Farewell Embracing Sustainable Practices: FIAT-IFTA, Varna, Bulgaria (June 2023); Sustainable and Circular Cemeteries: Roundtable at Funermostra, Valencia (October 2023); and 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Funeral Services: ALPAR Latin America, Santiago de Chile (September 2023). Nuria holds a Master’s degree in Circular Economy and Sustainable Development from VIU University and a PDG from IESE Business School. Circle Corporation is a member of FIAT-IFTA (membership number ES01121).

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