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Samuel Holleran

University of Melbourne, Australia

Samuel Holleran is a PhD Candidate at the University of Melbourne, where he is examining public participation in the reimagination of urban cemeteries with the DeathTech Research Team. He is also a public artist and writer whose work examines the power and politics imbued in urban design and memorialisation. Before starting his PhD, he worked as a researcher and educator in the field of civically engaged design, particularly in the area of urban parks and greenspaces. He is a former staff member at the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) in New York City; a researcher with the Chair for Architecture & Urban Design at ETH-Zürich; and a developer of civic- and renewable-energy-related infographics with Ellery Studio in Berlin.

Holleran, S. (2023) ‘Cheeky monuments: photo-engraved headstone and image moderation in cemeteries’, Photographies, 16:1, 49-69.

Holeran, S. & Holleran M. (2022) ‘9/11 steel: distributed memorialization’, Journal of Material Culture, DOI.

Gould, H. & Holleran, s. (2021) ‘An Essential Service: Experiences of Australian Deathcare Workers During Covid-19’, Melbourne.

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