These pages offer information to support research on the local history of burial and cremation. The timeline traces national Acts of parliament, events, and publications that help to frame local chronology. There is the beginnings of a bibliography of secondary material of sites around the UK. Please do get in touch if you are aware of a publication or website that offers detailed history of a settlement or particular site that we can add to these pages:

We will also be compiling some pages around around essential primary sources.

Victorian picture of Hull General Cemetery


Local change in funeral provision is often provoked by national events such as the publication of influential documents and the passage of legislation. This timeline of these events may be a useful framework to start constructing a chronology of local activity.

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Double chapel at Greenbank Cemetery, UK.

UK site histories

This is a listing of individual site histories from across the UK. Published texts will use a broad range of primary texts, and focus on the sites themselves rather than individuals who may be buried there.

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