Death Studies

Associação Brasileira de Estudos Cemiteriais

Represents researchers whose research covers cemeteries and the most diverse manifestations about death and dying in Brazil.

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Association for Gravestone Studies (US)

The Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS) was founded in 1977 for the purpose of furthering the study and preservation of gravestones.

Logo of the Association for the Study of Death and Society

Association for the Study of Death and Society (UK)

The Association for the Study of Death and Society (ASDS) promotes the study of death in the arts, humanities, social and allied sciences.

Australian Death Studies Society

A network of death studies scholars across disciplinary and institutional boundaries within Australia.

Centre for Death and Life Studies (Durham University, UK)

The Centre for Death and Life Studies (CDALS) exists to foster and conduct research into life-values, beliefs and practices that relate to living and dying.

Centre for Death and Society (University of Bath, UK)

The Centre for Death and Society (CDAS) provides an environment for those interested in death studies to learn from each other and share their research and experience.

Death Studies Podcast

The Death Studies Podcast is a platform for the diversity of voices in, around and contributing to the academic field of Death Studies.

DeathLab, University of Columbia (US)

DeathLAB engages life, death, and environmental consequence to strengthen social cohesion and accountability across generations.

Crest of the University of Melbourne

DeathTech (University of Melbourne, Australia)

DeathTech is an interdisciplinary team studying questions at the intersection of death, technology, and society.

French cemetery

Réseau “Les Morts”

French network of academics in Death Studies.


The Cemetery Research Group runs two events a year: in May and in November. Follow the links and send in an abstract