Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe

ASCE a network of public and private organisations that own and manage cemeteries considered to be of historical or artistic importance.

British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia

BACSA holds a database of European cemeteries and burials in Undivided India and elsewhere in South Asia up to 1947.

Caring for God’s Acre (UK)

A charity supporting groups and individuals who are interested in exploring, maintaining, and appreciating burial grounds of all types in the UK.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission protects and preserves the burial sites of combatants from World War I and World War II.

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Jewish Heritage Europe

An expanding web portal to a wide range of information and resources concerning Jewish monuments and heritage sites all over Europe.

Lo Tishkach European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative

Lo Tishkach aims to preserve and protect Jewish funeral heritage across Europe.

Mathias Haas Funeral Memorial (Brazil)

The Memorial Funerário Mathias Haas, is the first museum in Brazil dedicated to the subject of death, funerals and cemeteries.

Museum für Sepulkralkultur (Kessel, Germany)

The Museum für Sepulkralkultur is dedicated to the issues of dying, death, burial, mourning and remembrance.

National Federation of Cemetery Friends

The National Federation of Cemetery Friends links over 120 groups of volunteers throughout the UK dedicated to preserving their local cemetery and its monuments for the benefit of the community.

Red Iberoamericana Cementerios Patrimoniales

The Ibero-American Network for the Value and Management of Cemeteries has met regularly for over twenty years to discuss and promote the protection of funerary heritage in Latin America. The organisation has a Facebook page and posts regularly on its blogspot.


The Cemetery Research Group runs two events a year: in May and in November. Follow the links and send in an abstract